Music & Audio Equipment

We get it. You need your equipment for your next gig and buying brand new equipment especially professional quality can be extremely expensive. We offer repairs on all Audio equipment professional or for casual use. ASC fixes all brands and all types of Music Equipment. Below are some examples!

Speakers & Amps

We repair all types of speakers or amps no matter the brand, shape , or size. 

All Technical Equipment

Turntables, reel-to-reels, equalizers and many more! We repair all types of technical eletronics


Electric Instruments

Keyboards, drums, launchpads etc. Any Eletronic instrument you can think of we fix, professional or not!

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Home Entertainment

TVs, Radios, Video Games, Laptops. Whatever your need Whether it be something modern or a retro/vintage entertainment system ASC has got you covered. 

Mobile & Smart Devices

Smartphones & tablets often are fragile. If you have a cracked screen ASC can help you repair them and it'll be like it never broke! Don't spend more money on replacing!

Audio Equipment Repair

Audio Equipment is expensive to replace you can cut the cost by repairing with ASC. We fix anything from speakers to amps, keyboards, reel-to-reels and many more

CCTV Installation & Repair

Protect and secure with the latest CCTV equipment technology has to offer. Having a surveillance system deters criminals and helps keep you safe. or call us today. 

Massage Chair Repair

ASC repairs all types and brands of massage chairs. Don't let your business be slowed and affected by a defective massage chair. We offer outcall services!  


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Phone: +1 (718) 544 9584